Namasmarana: as extolled by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj




For daily ‘Namasmarana‘ or reciting God’s name in order to get stabilized in the ‘I AM’. The ‘I AM’ and God are one and the same. This small book is a device to carry out the ‘Sadhana’ or practice as prescribed by my Guru Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj to abide in the ‘I AM’.



Compiled from the Marathi book ‘Sadgurubodh’ part 2 by Sri Dinkar Kshirsagar.

  1. The first thing to be done in order to understand the ultimate truth is to purify your ‘prana’ which you know as your sense of ‘being’, ‘presence’ or the feeling ‘I am’.
  1. Namasmarana (constantly remembering the name of God/mantra/mahavakya by reciting it) or meditation is used to purify the ‘prana’ or the ‘I am’.
  1. Since it is difficult to meditate on the ‘prana’ or the ‘I am’, the practice of Namasmarana has been recommended.
  1. The Sadhaka who takes the nama/mantra/mahavakya given to him by the Guru as a vow and constantly recites it will definitely realize the Self.
  1. The Guru with his mantra uses your faith to create the form of Guru in you.
  1. Constant Namasmarana is constant meditation which is constantly investigating the Self.
  1. Whatever name you may recite it is made up of the ‘prana’ or the ‘I am’. No ‘prana’, no word. The name of itself created by the ‘prana’ is the ‘nama’ or the name you recite.
  1. Continue doing Namasmarana to be one with your Self. Namasmarana will purify the prana and the mind as well.
  1. For Self-knowledge the ‘prana’ or the ‘I am’ has to be worshipped with great intensity. In this worship Namasmarana has to be done silently without using your voice and with complete devotion.
  1. By doing Namasmarana you are calling out your Self, do it with the same desperation by which you look for food when you are hungry.

The Nisargadatta Sadhana
Pradeep Apte


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