Namasmarana: as extolled by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj




  1. Namasmarana is best done by fixing your attention on the in and out going breath, without moving your tongue and throat.
  1. ‘Prana’ or the ‘I am’ is the God, contemplate on it. It is the ‘prana’ that is doing Namasmarana or meditation. The ‘prana’ is your only capital.
  1. It is easy to gain mastery over the ‘prana’, make it do a lot of Namasmarana and then all your four speeches will get activated.
  1. Namasmarana and the Guru’s command must become one. Let the ‘prana’ repeatedly remember ‘I am Brahma’. Namasmarana is used to consume the ‘prana’.
  1. The Guru has given or initiated you into a ‘nama’ in order to recognize your Self and have faith in the Self.
  1. Namasmarana is used as a means to worship and please the ‘prana’. Worship it in order to conquer your mind. This power of the ‘prana’ is quite special in you.
  1. Keep doing Namasmarana earnestly. Whatever you remember the most influences you the most. Use Namasmarana to constantly remember or abide in the ‘prana’ or the ‘I am’.
  1. The speed of your success depends on the amount of faith you have in the one who has given or initiated you into a ‘nama’ to remember your Self.
  1. By giving or initiating you into a ‘nama’ the Sadguru tells you who you are. Use the ‘prana’ to recite it, which means continuous Namasmarana.
  1. The design of Namasmarana is such that the one who does it faces no obstacles. Namasmarana or meditation is used as means to purify the mind. Only a purified mind directly perceives theLIGHT of Brahma.

The Nisargadatta Sadhana
Pradeep Apte


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