Namasmarana: as extolled by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj




  1. Constant Namasmarana purifies the word. Once the word is purified the mind also gets purified.
  1. The ‘nama’ or name given by the Guru is the name of Parabrahman. Repeatedly calling by this name exposes the Self of the caller.
  1. Say the ‘nama’ or name given to you in the mind without speaking but keep meditating on the Self. By and by the knowledge beyond the body would get exposed and you will realize who you are.
  1. Keep doing Namasmarana with the insistence that I am the form of the ‘nama’ I am reciting.
  1. It must be clear as to what are you for yourself, this is possible only when you do Namasmarana as recommended by the saints.
  1. Never stop the RINGING of the alarm of ‘nama’, make the mind or ‘prana’ say ‘I am indestructible, I am eternal’.
  1. Namasmarana, meditation, concentration, bhajan all have been told for us to develop the ability to know our Self.
  1. Do not waste a moment without investigating the Self, Namasmarana purifies the mind and brings about a change in one’s NATURE.
  1. For all those who continuously meditate or do Namasmarana all difficulties and obstacles diminish day by day.
  1. The seed of ‘Chaitanya Brahma’ is sown by the Sadguru, holding on to that ‘nama’ in the mind is meditation.

The Nisargadatta Sadhana
Pradeep Apte


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