Namasmarana: as extolled by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj




  1. The one who makes ‘nama’ his abode and takes up his seat there becomes free from ‘knowingness’.
  1. The mantra is given by the Guru to give a name to the Self, it is not the name of a person. The mantra given by the Guru should be recited throughout the day.
  1. The merits of the ‘nama’ you recite will get formed in your memory, only recite the ‘nama’ given by the Guru.
  1. The more you do Namasmarana, the more it will purify the body and mind and it shall manifest in your speech, your word will be God’s word.
  1. Memory and ‘prana’ must get combined, and then there is knowledge. Namasmarana brings about this combination, but it has to be done with a great need and love. Namasmarana is done by the ‘prana’.
  1. Namasmarana should be done lesser with voice and more silently in the mind, only then it gets transformed into ‘dhyanyoga’ or meditation.
  1. In order to develop the ability to discriminate as to how and like what I am, Namasmarana has to be done throughout the day.
  1. Keep doing Namasmarana and then you will come to know how ‘nama’ goes on automatically and effortlessly.
  1. In order to destroy negative or evil thoughts continuous Namasmaran must be done, such thoughts pollute the ‘sattwa’ quality.
  1. According to my experience if Namasmarana is done in consonance with breathing, the mind automatically calms down and the state of ‘samadhi’ ensues.
  1. The Sadguru has given or initiated you into a ‘nama’ and meditation which enable you to meet God.
  1. The day the Guru gave you a ‘nama’ and told you that ‘you are not the body’ you are free from all humanness and there is no more birth for you.


The Nisargadatta Sadhana
Pradeep Apte


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