Namasmarana – A Universal Sadhana

[from the original booklet.]

A Garland of Extracts from Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Discourses compiled by Dr. Brahmanand Mavinkurve.

Namasmarana - A Universal Sadhana

1. “Hindus, Muslims and Christians may differ in some religious customs but they are all one in the glorification of the Name of God. All of them ask their followers to recite the Name of the One Lord, though the manner in which the Name is recited varies from religion to religion. Each one remembers, respects and recites the name as formed in his own tongue. Each one turns the rosary according to the direction of his own religion. All the same, for everyone there is nothing so fruitful, so universal, so holy among spiritual disciplines as this sadhana of Namasmarana, Japa or Dhyana.”

2. “The Muslims pray in the Name of Allah, the Jews pray in the name of Jehovah, the Vaishnavites pray in the Name of Phullabjaksha, the Saivites pray in the Name of Shambhu. The one to whom prayers are offered in this manner is the One God for all mankind, though He is addressed and prayed to by the different groups of people by different names.”

3. “Know that all Dharmas have One God, that all hearts are motivated by the same God and that all Names and Forms denote only One Godhead. Develop that ‘Ekabhav’, that attitude of unity and non-differentiation between Divine Names of all creeds, of all countries and of all Faiths. This is the Message of Love I bring to you, which I want you to understand and follow. Spread that Love, live that Love. If that Love must grow in you and become deep and abiding, you have to do the spiritual practice of reciting Names of God, remembering His Love and His Mercy, His Majesty and His Glory.”

4. “You can adopt and practise any of the various and countless Names of God as enumerated by Sages of all lands and all languages. When you awaken to the duties of the day, repeat the Name; when you retire after the duties of the day, recite .It again. Have It as your constant companion and inspiration. You can then never falter or fail. You will grow purer and stronger every moment.”

5. “Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Allah, these are names of the Many-faceted One. When you pay attention to one facet, the restare not neglected or negated. When the devotee dives into the flood of Bliss which One Name-Form confers, he is diving into the same ocean of Bliss that the Full is. The waters of this ocean are not separated by lines drawn on them to demarcate “this God’s Region” and “that God’s Region.” Plunge any- where, you are plunging into the self-same Bliss.”

6. “Namasmarana, thus done, unites people by making them realize that they are all children of one and the same God and thus paves the way for the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.”



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