Significance of Namasmarana
Namasmarana – A Universal Sadhana

[from the original booklet.]

A Garland of Extracts from Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Discourses compiled by Dr. Brahmanand Mavinkurve.

Namasmarana - A Universal Sadhana

1. “Nowadays, people laugh at the idea of Nama- smarana and Namasankeertana. ‘What is in a name?’ they ask. To them, it is just an assortment of words and sounds. My words too are assortments of words and sound, but when they enter your hearts, you feel encouraged, you feel contented, don’t you? Words have tremendous power, they can arouse emotions and passions and they can calm them as well. They can direct, infuriate; they can inspire; they bring up reserves of strength and wisdom. Therefore, have faith in the Name and repeat it whenever you get a chance or an opportunity.”

2. “There is no cause to feel that only some Divine Names are powerful or that some are more powerful than others. God is “Sahasra Shirsha, Sahasra Pada, Sahasra Aksha”, that is, ‘thousand-headed, thousand-footed, and thousand-eyed.’ Consequently, every one is most likely to like that Divine Name which appeals to him most. So also, one can have any form of God before his mind’s eye for Namasmarana or Bhajan. In fact, Sai Bhajan Organisations should not have restrictions about singing Bhajans on any God or Goddess. Repeat each line only twice and no more. Have only two speeds, one slow, one fast. In this way, within one hour’s Bhajan, you can have more songs on more Forms, more tunes and more variety.”

3. “We have it on the authority of the Shastras that in this Kali Yuga one can attain moksha or liberation from bondage of mortal and miserable existence by singing the Name of the Lord. In fact, Namasmarana is the only solution to life’s problems in this age. In the Krita Yuga, it was Dhyana; in the Treta Yuga, it was Yajna; in the Dwapara Yuga, it was Archana or worship. In this Kali Yuga, due to the predominance of Rajasic activity in Man, it is not possible to engage oneself in Dhyana, Yajna and Worship. So Namasmarana is declared the best means to cross the ocean of delusion. Other Sadhanas like Dhyana, Yajna and Worship would be fruitful in this age only when the Divine Name and its Sweetness of Love also merge in them.”

4. “For the bird in mid-ocean flying over the dark, deep waters, the only resting place is the mast of the ship sailing across. So too, the Lord isthe only refuge for Man. However far the bird may fly, it knows where it can rest; that knowledge gives it confidence, lt has the memory of the mast steady in its mind; its form is fixed in its eye. The Name of the Lord is the mast for you; remember it ever.”

5. “Another special merit of Namasmarana is this: other Sadhanas like Yoga and Tapas may awaken Siddhis or Occult Powers in the Sadhaka who, blinded by pride on that account, is likely to forsake the Lord and even let go the victory and spiritual strength won by that Sadhana. No such dangers beset, the path of Namasmarana, which develops Prema or Love in the devotee. Through Prema, Shanti is achieved. Once Shanti or Peace of Mind is achieved, all other benefits are attained automatically. This Extraordinary Prema is far superior to the Extraordinary Power of Yoga and Tapas.”



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