The human being is an embodiment of Divinity.  You see any picture of God. All forms of God are portrayed with a human face. That is why it is said “Daivam manusha rupena.” (God assumes human form). It is only the divine name that confers human birth on a being.  It is evident from the illustration narrated above that the birds and animals were able to get a human birth by listening to the holy name just once. Unfortunately, no transformation is taking place in the human beings in spite of repeating the Divine name several times.  You should chant the divine name whole heartedly with full faith. Faith develops love towards God and that love towards God confers human birth. No doubt, man today is repeating the holy name; but not with love and steady faith. He is more concerned with how others are singing and whether their Sruthi and Raga are in order, etc. He is doing the Namasankirtana with a wavering mind. There can be no transformation in him by such fickle minded Namasankirtan, inspite of doing it for hours together.  Namasankirtan has to be done with absolute concentration and steady faith like a yogi. It is said “Sathatham yoginah”. One can achieve great transformation if the mind is steadily fixed on the divine name.



From Bhagawan’s Discourse in Bhajan Mandir, Prasanthi Nilayam on 13th  November 2007


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